Posted Aug 3rd, 2015 (1:40 pm) by Jess Marsh

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Danny Brown's harrowing bars and Clams Casino's hazy instrumentals prove that opposites do, in fact, attract.

As part of Adult Swim's 2015 Singles project, Danny Brown and producer Clams Casino have joined forces for "Worth It." Despite not releasing any new content this year (aside from being featured on a few tracks), Danny Brown has not deviated from his signature, nearly-unglued, chaotic styling. Clams Casino, who has previously produced beats for the likes of A$AP Rocky and Lil B, delivers a hazy, almost haunting instrumental. Danny's mania and Clams Casino's spacey beat combine in such a way that makes us wonder why the two have not collaborated before.

The track questions the lifestyle of hip hop fame, asking if the "fast cars and ice" and "new girls every night" are in fact, worth it. An interesting topic, since 50 Cent recently claimed that the majority of his wealth is just an act. This is not to say that "Worth It" is without bravado, as Danny takes aim at his contemporaries. Opening with "Smoke until I get a head rush, lookin' at you rappers like breakfast, " effectively reminding us that despite no new album since 2013, Danny Brown still considers himself among the best in the game.

"Worth It" is the ninth track released for Adult Swim's 2015 Singles, which features a new, free track each week from a wide variety of artists such as Run The Jewels, Flying Lotus, and Sia, through August 12th.

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