Posted Aug 31st, 2015 (5:14 pm) by Jess Marsh
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Not everyone was happy with last night's glitter bomb.

While Nicki called out Miley in person to stir up their recent feud, Chance The Rapper did things the old fashioned way by live tweeting his response to the VMAs.

The tweets themselves don't say very much, but the point is clearly made that some of the "creative" choices upset the rapper. Between a skit involving Miley's grandmother and Snoop Dogg in which she used the phrase "my real mammy," and wearing a wig made of false dreadlocks, it does not take much effort to see what Chance was getting at.

Whether it was a big misstep on Miley's part or poor creative judgement from MTV, it does come off in poor taste. That being said, there was a bit of bitterness coming from Chance before the show even began. He took to Instagram posting screenshots of articles saying that he and Rihanna were snubbed by the nominations, and that the two of them would not be in attendance.

I am not entirely sure when the VMAs became an important enough award show for it to simultaneously become a platform for artists to tackle social issues. While it is very important that issues like racism and cultural appropriation are addressed on a highly public level, the sudden influx of artists using an admittedly frivolous award show to make a stand comes off as all sorts of awkward. Chance The Rapper saying things, without actually saying them, will likely warrant a lengthy Twitter explanation, from Miley or MTV in the very near future. I would fully agree with the points Chance made, if he, you know, actually made them.

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