Posted Aug 1st, 2015 (5:18 pm) by Jess Marsh
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Ethereal, introspective, and emotionally charged are all ways that the music of Merry Ellen Kirk can be described. However, none of those quite capture the undeniable pop energy it exudes.

Alternative pop artist Merry Ellen Kirk, born to missionary parents, spent her early years in Mongolia before she found her home in Nashville, Tennessee. The 25 year old artist draws from the likes of Tori Amos and Imogen Heap, for inspiration in creating her emotive, otherworldly music.

Prior to her 2011 album, Firefly Garden, Merry collaborated with producer Aaron Krause. This came to fruition when Merry met Aaron at a friend’s show, where Aaron was the opening act. Merry had written a duet, and had been looking for the right voice for it. That duet lead to the duo releasing an EP under the name The Shakespeares.

Earlier this month, Merry Ellen Kirk released "Lovers and Liars," the first single off of her upcoming full-length album, We Are The Dreamers. "Lovers and Liars" is much more in the vein of Florence and The Machine or A Fine Frenzy than previous songs. The hazy, dreamy vibe of Firefly Garden-era tracks like "Field of Dreams" or "Masquerade" has been mixed with poppier elements and a strong chorus, stirring emotions not found in her previous work.

We Are The Dreamers is out October 23rd, on Merry Ellen Kirk’s Bandcamp. For now, you can stream “Lovers and Liars” and the rest of her discography to hold you over.

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