Posted Jul 23rd, 2015 (9:30 am) by Jess Marsh
After The Burial Guitarist Found Dead
After The Burial Guitarist Found Dead
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After The Burial guitarist Justin Lowe was found dead Tuesday.

In an unfortunate development in the disappearance of After The Burial guitarist, Justin Lowe, it has been confirmed that Justin's body was found Tuesday. The body was found beneath the Arcola High Bridge, near Somerset, WI. Justin's injuries were consistent with that of a fall and authorities are not suspecting foul play.

Lowe's disappearance was first reported July 18 by his sister, who stated that his car was found abandoned near the St. Crox river. This was especially distressing as it followed an unsettling Facebook post from Lowe a few weeks prior. The post stated that he was exiting the band and cited conspiracy theories as the main source.

The post was a detailed account of events such as someone tampering with his computer, his abusive past, the staged death of a friend, and struggles with the release of After The Burial's 2013 album Wolves Within. The band issued a statement on Facebook shortly after. The band was clearly very concerned about Justin, citing mental illness as the cause of his sudden exit from the band.

We here at Inyourspeakers send our sympathy and condolences to Justin's family, friends, and to After The Burial.

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