Posted Jul 23rd, 2015 (11:30 am) by Jess Marsh
50 Cent Might Actually Be The Balance of His Bank Account
50 Cent Might Actually Be The Balance of His Bank Account

50 Cent appeared in court and spoke about his wealth, or lack thereof.

Just last week 50 Cent took to Instagram to prove that he was doing just fine financially despite the recent news of the mogul filing for bankruptcy. 50 filed for bankruptcy shortly after being sued for 5 million, for sharing the sex tape of Lastonia Leviston. 50 spoke to a jury, Tuesday, in a testimony in regards to his wealth.

In his testimony, 50 implies that his lavish lifestyle may not be what it seems. In fact, in his testimony, 50 Cent told the jury that the majority of his image is manufactured, for the sake of entertainment. He told the courts that the luxury cars he drove were often rented, rather than owned. He spoke of recycling the same 3 gold chains, and having a jeweler give them a new look, rather than owning a collection of them.

When asked about record sales, he stated that he has only made $4.8 million off of selling his music. That's equates to 10 cents from each record sold went to 50 Cent.

Despite these claims, he did own up to the six-figure payouts he received for film cameos, such as his appearance in Spy, earlier this year.

While it is likely that all of these sudden revelations about 50's wealth are completely related to the pending lawsuit, it also came to light recently that he has somewhere between 10 and 50 million dollars worth of unsettled debt

50 Cent also stated that his image has suffered since filing for bankruptcy. Surely, that's the only reason and not at all because he exploited someone sexually without their consent on the internet. There is no way those two things could be related.

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