Posted Aug 20th, 2015 (4:10 pm) by Heather Starks
Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker
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Did the meticulous producer really overlook the use of a classic sample?

Tame Impala's Kevin Parker received some not so very fun news recently. Samm Culley, of the '70s funk group Skull Snaps, fired off a letter threatening to sue the psychedelic frontman over the alleged use of a drum sample from the Skull Snaps song "It's A New Day."

According to Culley, Parker's song "Eventually" sampled his drum beat without permission, and a musicologist has confirmed his suspicions. Now Culley wants unspecified action to be taken.

Parker doesn't seem too concerned with the threat, as he posted an e-mail from Culley on his Instgram:

"WOW unexpected compliment!" he wrote. "The creator of the famous Skull Snaps drum sample thinks my drums IS his actual sample and wants to sue me for not clearing it! Haha!! Sam Culley you have 3 days to fire your musicologist. Anyone think this could be a hoax though?"

This one is going to be difficult to prove for Culley. The section the of song in question happens around the 4:52 mark, and lasts for mere seconds. There is no defining feature of the drum beat that can unequivocally prove that Parker used a sample, despite what the detectives over at Reddit have to say about it. Not to mention, the entire song has a similar drumming pattern, so it's odd that they are focusing so narrowly on this small section. If every drum beat was penalized for using a double tap pattern on the kick drum, there would be no more drummers left in the world. Want to jump in on the case? Check out both songs below.

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