Posted Sep 7th, 2015 (10:46 am) by Heather Starks
Travis Scott The Come Up Show
Travis Scott The Come Up Show
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A video has surfaced of the rapper angrily ripping into fans at his show.

Travis Scott is on fire right now. His debut album Rodeo was just released on September 4, to fairly receptive critical acclaim. While many have doubted his talent and ability to separate himself from others in his genre, Rodeo laid those concerns to rest for many of his detractors. Unfortunately for Travis, he's walked out of one fire and straight into another.

A new video has surfaced from a show back in March that shows Scott flipping out on stage and yelling homophobic slurs at members of the audience:

Like any good celebrity trying to walk back offensive comments, Travis jumped on his Twitter account to defend himself.

His fans were not thrilled.

But this was the best response by far:

Here we have another case of a celebrity caught with their foot hanging out of their mouth, and once again we get the patented, "My bad, I didn't MEAN to say that. I promise, I'm trying to be a better person. P.S. please still buy my album." It's amazing how often people suddenly have a change of heart once they get caught, because I certainly haven't seen Travis go out of his way to work with the LGBTQ community to show his true intentions. This idea that someone can get so "turnt up" that they lose all sense of common decency is getting old, and the excuse is wearing thing. Care to take another crack at it, Travis?

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