Posted Sep 5th, 2015 (1:11 pm) by Heather Starks

The elitist singer loves to look down his nose at other artists so much, he must be going cross-eyed.

In a move that could easily be viewed as hypocritical, Titus Andronicus front man, Patrick Stickles, stopped by Sirius XMU to perform a cover of the Weeknd’s song, "The Hills." While the cover itself is beautifully done and reminiscent of early '90s angst that would make Kurt Cobain proud, his choice of song (along with the decision to take part in anything Sirius related) calls into question the child-like tantrum he threw on Twitter after the release of The Most Lamentable Tragedy.

Ol' P-Sticks was unhappy with the overwhelmingly POSITIVE scores he received from the majority of music publications, so he jumped on the computer with the emo rage of a 14 year-old girl whose friends didn't approve of her latest haircut.

But perhaps we should have seen this man-child reaction coming; earlier that same month, Stickles called out Kendrick Lamar for being too commercial, and straight up called him a phony.

Not only must this guy's balls be swollen to the size of a water buffalo's, but he probably should have looked into that whole shoe thing. Kendrick Lamar's design for Reebok includes red accents on one shoe and blue accents on the other, and are adorned with the word "neutral." Lamar has a history of advocating for peace between the Bloods and the Crips, so while the shoes surely made him some money, they were also a part of his continued attempt to call for a truce between the warring factions.

So now we have Patrick Stickles showing up at Sirius XMU, possibly one of the most commercial places one could find themselves in the music industry. And he shows up not to perform his own song, but one by an artist who just so happens to be burning up the charts run by the exact kind of people Stickles so fervently hates. So where's the overwhelming artistry in that, Patrick? Did we miss it when you covered Lana Del Rey and posted it on YouTube with the hopes of having your ego stroked? Forgive me, I must have been napping that day.

Check out Patrick's uber artistic performance of a song he didn't write on SIRUS XMU, below. I still wonder how he manages to get out of bed every day under the weight of all that artistry.

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