Posted Aug 18th, 2015 (12:07 pm) by Heather Starks
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Did Rita Ora undergo some sort of mind erasing procedure, or is she just comfortable promoting a man with a violent past?

Rita Ora and Chris Brown have teamed up for what most people are calling a "steamy" new video for "Body On Me," Ora's most recent single. Go ahead and google the video and read a few of the descriptions that are being used. I'll wait. Ok, ready? This video, is bullshit.

Rita describes the song as, "kind of like the most intimate that I’ve ever done, so I tried to balance the video out in a classy way." This video reeks with class. Between grease ball Chris Brown and the shit hole apartment complex in which they unite their love, I was overwhelmed with the sheer elegance of it all.

Ora recently spoke about the personal side of her upcoming album: “It’s all about pussy power. It’s really about how we get judged for the things that we do and how men don’t.”

Listen, I am all for "pussy power." Women need to get out there and get them some. With this, I am totally onboard. The ass backwards way society cheers on men racking up notches on their bedpost, but shames women for even the slightest inkling of sexual desire, is frustrating and paleolithic. But come on Rita, Chris Brown? You had to pick a man with a history of violence towards women to rock your pussy power anthem?

Aside from the poor choice of a duet partner, the video itself is nothing special. Sure, you get to see Rita mostly naked and draped in a Union Jack Flag, and there are ab shots for days for the ladies that still somehow find Chris Brown attractive, but overall it’s a real yawner of a music video. Wake me when you drop the douche bag and make something original, Rita.

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