Posted Aug 13th, 2015 (1:26 pm) by Heather Starks
Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey

What made the typically mild mannered singer lose her cool?

Lana Del Rey has released a video for her latest single off the upcoming album Honeymoon, and it depicts an act of war on the paparazzi that choke the life out of so many of today's celebrities. "High By The Beach" is another mellowed out cut from the queen of stoner slow jams, but the accompanying video is a clear message from Del Rey that she has reached her breaking point in regards to the constant scrutiny that comes with fame.

Lyrically, the song could also be in reference to a man in her life, but it doubles as a commentary on how vicious and life altering being followed 24/7 can be. In the video, Del Rey moves around a sparsely furnished home, attempting to stay out of the line of sight of a helicopter with a cameraman snapping photos through her windows. She croons about her desire to live a more simple life, get high by the beach, and longingly looks out the window onto a gorgeous ocean view.

Then, as if a light bulb appeared over her head, she retrieves her bazooka from its hiding place and turns it directly on the helicopter. Without hesitation, she fires and blows her stalker into a confetti of torn up gossip magazines. This may be the best video Del Rey has released to date, not only for it's stunning visuals, but because she had the remarkable idea to turn the tables on her predators. So many celebrities complain about the constant invasion of privacy, but then are the first in line to be seen at the hottest clubs in town.

The difference with Lana Del Rey, is that she genuinely wants and tries to retain some semblance of normalcy in her life. By making a video that shows her finally taking action, she flips the script and turns the photo hunting lowlifes into the star of the show. For the first time she has control, and her first order of business? Total decimation. Paparazzi be warned, if you see Del Rey carrying around a guitar case, you might want to move on.

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