Posted Sep 3rd, 2015 (3:23 pm) by Heather Starks

Our illustrious nation is quickly losing its sheen in the wake of this terrifying possibility.

A lot has been said and written about a potential Kanye West presidential run. We've covered it with good ol' fashioned news reporting and hilarious memes, but very little has been said of its possible legitimacy. If you can say anything about Kanye West, it's that he's unpredictable.


Swearing in President West. It would be easy to brush off his announcement at this year's VMAs by assuming the reefer went to his head before he took the stage, and if it were anyone other than Kanye, I would probably agree. Any day now he could come out and say it was all a big joke, that the memes and the super PAC created in his honor were all for naught. Or, and stay with me here, Kanye West COULD actually run for president. No one ever thought a golden hair piece would make it this far in a bid for the nation's top office, but look where we are. One of the most outlandish, brutish, and completely unqualified men on the planet is leading in the Republican polls. People in this country have grown so tired of political dogma and the lack of any real change, they are literally willing to put almost anybody in the White House. How did we get to the point where in 4 years, we might actually see "The Donald" and Yeezy duke it out to lead the country?

Support for Yeezy 2020 is growing. It's not just the media throwing fuel on the President West fire, there are people who are drop dead serious about getting behind the power of Yeezus. Trump himself said he would like to run against him in 2020, Rihanna threw her two cents in with an endorsement, and then there's the aforementioned super PAC. The White House press secretary pondered (albeit somewhat jokingly) what campaign slogan West would use, and The Hill's own Eddie Zipperer stated, "In the end, it’s not important what policy Kanye West ultimately decides to run with. What’s really important is that he’s loud, overexposed and boorish. The rest will sort itself out." It also doesn't matter whether or not Kanye is just yanking our chain. What matters is that even Washington sees this as a viable possibility.

How we got here. This country is tired. We are tired of police shootings, unemployment, wealth inequality, and constantly sticking our noses in other people's business, only to have it bitten off. While the government is busy policing the rest of the world like some kind of all powerful mega cop, people in THIS country are dying, starving, and tripping over homeless Veterans because the country they fought for doesn't deem them important enough to take care of. Oh, but we'll go "save" another country because it's our ethical duty. What happened to the ethical duty to protect and serve the people in THIS country? How are we constantly ranking at the bottom in education in subjects like math and science?

People want to see change. When you take all of those issues into account, plus all of the others that would take me all day to list, it's easy to see why so many people are ready to throw their hands up and give people like Trump and West a shot at the presidency. Things have become so ass-backwards at this point, most people feel like it couldn't hurt to let a completely inexperienced candidate take the helm, because the ones who tout their education and political background sure as hell aren't doing any better. While I am definitely NOT endorsing either West or Trump, I am saying that we can learn from this. Instead of Washington looking at these men with an air of fear and knowing recognition of the possibility that they could in fact be president some day, perhaps they should be looking at how we ever sunk to this level of desperation in the first place.

The time for concern is now. If our government continues down the same path of ignorant bliss with its dick in one hand and a cigar in the other, we can look forward to seeing more wealthy Tom, Dick, and Harry's throw their hat in the presidential ring. Not only that, but I guarantee you that one day, one of them WILL be elected. There's a very real possibility of this happening in the upcoming election, and everyone's laissez-faire attitude about it can only lead us down a darker path. It's time to get worried that these are our options, people.



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