Posted Aug 21st, 2015 (1:30 pm) by Heather Starks
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Future's new video is confusing to say the least.

Future has released a new video for the song "Where Ya At" off his most recent album, DS2. The video enjoyed a debut on a billboard in Times Square, so all of New York City got to watch giant versions of Future and Drake dance around above them for their enjoyment. Since we all aren't that lucky, let's break it on down with the help of some handy gifs.

The video starts off with Future, up on a roof top and throwing out some lazy Thriller hands.

As if out of no where, two other men appear on the rooftop - answering the call of Futures monotone voice. Maybe it's like it was a dog whistle - set at a frequency only rooftop dancers can hear.

Suddenly we are transported to a dark hallway and we see two men in a run down apartment.

Is this important? What happened to the dancers? Oh wait, different dancer. Much different.

It's Drake! I knew he'd show up as soon as that ass started poppin'.

The mystery continues to unfold, as we go back to that dark hallway and see a prisoner in a cell and two men creating some beats on a laptop.

Plot twist! We found the lair of the hip-hop Illuminati, and they have all gathered to... eat spaghetti?

While everyone else enjoys their cigars and noodles, this poor guy is still dancing his heart out on the roof.

Who left this kid in the basement? Who are these men? Wtf is happening in this video???

This is the end? I don't understand.

Well, that didn't make a ton of sense to us. Check out the whole video below and see if you can make heads or tails of what is going on.

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