Posted Sep 6th, 2015 (12:34 pm) by Heather Starks
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Dave Grohl and company briefly formed a "super-duper" group for a lucky audience.

The Foo Fighters recently found themselves in Milton Keynes for a performance, their first in the UK since Dave Grohl's leg breaking incident. Grohl, still playing from his Game Of Thrones-esque seat, brought out Queen’s Roger Taylor and Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones for a star studded performance of "Under Pressure."

Drummer Taylor Hawkins gave up his drum chair for Roger Taylor, and grabbed a mic to share vocal duties with Grohl. Milton Keynes also happens to be the locale for Queen's 1982 live album, Queen on Fire – Live at the Bowl, so this was familiar territory for Roger Taylor.

Taylor Swift might win when it comes to the quantity of guest performers, but The Foo Fighters win the prize for QUALITY by a landslide. Check out Queen's entire performance from 1982 at the Bowl, below.

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