Posted Sep 6th, 2015 (9:48 am) by Heather Starks

Drizzy talks about evolving on a freestyle that finds him speaking directly to a certain lady.

Yesterday, we shared a cover of The Weeknd's, The Hills, from Titus Andronicus' resident artist, Patrick Stickles. Another day, another cover of the Weeknd. Well, not quite a cover, instead we find Drake stepping up to the mic to deliver a personal freestyle on this week's episode of OVO Sound Radio.

Lyrically, the song seems to reference his fledgling relationship with tennis super-star Serena Williams. With lines like, "You're too famous to buy you purses/that barely scratches the surface/this time it's different/you give me purpose," and "Tell me you takin' it seriously/I gotta ask how serious/cause your serious/has just been not that serious," what else could it possibly be about?

Although confusingly enough, he does say, "You remind me of Jane Birkin/your body insane in person," so either this song isn't about Serena or Drake's just really bad at comparisons.

Yeah, pretty sure Serena could slam Jane Birkin in a heart beat.

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