Posted Aug 1st, 2015 (2:19 pm) by Heather Starks
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Atlas Genius, the indie rock duo making waves all the way from Australia, have released the third single off their long-awaited sophomore album, Inanimate Objects.

The first two singles, "Molecules" and "Stockholm," are largely in step with the energetic swagger and pop rock sensibilities that made their debut album When It Was Now such a success. But like any good artist knows, variety is the spice of life. "Friends With Enemies" takes an unexpected but welcome turn into a more contemplative and introspective style of songwriting, prominently displaying their growth and desire to constantly evolve. By far the darkest track in their repertoire of singles, "Friends With Enemies" packs a powerful but subdued punch that will make you reconsider everything you know about these boys from down under.

Singer Keith Jeffery said the song is about "thespians, and the despair found in hindsight," and while any reference to thespians may be less obvious, you can feel the despair in spades. The bands previous singles have been uptempo numbers, making it Inanimate Objects' first official foray into a more sprawling, drawn-out sound. Keith's soothing vocals are heavy with the emotion of loss and regret, surrounded by random warbly pings and a deep, thundering bass line. Their most experimental song to date, it will leave you wondering what other tricks they have hidden up their sleeve.

While they may be known for their guitar-driven rock numbers, "Friends With Enemies" shows another side of Atlas Genius that has yet to be seen. Its complex and layered sound denotes a change in the right direction, and is evidence of their intention to spread their musical wings. If the rest of their album is anything like this, good things are on the horizon for Atlas Genius.

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