Posted Aug 29th, 2015 (11:54 am) by Heather Starks
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Locked in an eternal war for streaming supremacy, Apple pulls the exclusivity card on Tidal.

Last night in New Orleans' Champions Square, Lil' Wayne put on Lil' Weezyana Fest to help raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina. It's been 10 years and the damage is still visible in the city, which also happens to be Lil' Wayne's birthplace. The power of Weezy brought artists such as Master P, Curren$y, and Big Freedia, along with a surprise appearance from hip-hip super star Drake. The whole event was being streamed by Tidal, right up until the point when Drake took the stage. The stream went out, and Tidal posted this to their Twitter account:

Apparently, Drake has an exclusivity deal with Apple, and the tech giant threatened to sue Tidal to the tune of 20 million if they dared to stream Drizzy's performance. We've already talked about how these exclusivity deals are harming music, but Apple has officially reached asshole status with their latest move.

Forget the fact that Weezy is part owner of Tidal and that Apple holds the rights to Drake's music. This was a concert to benefit the victims of one of the most devastating natural disasters to hit our country, and they couldn't even be bothered to call off the dogs. Contract or no contract, Apple can't see anything beyond the need for more money, as if they are a poor child forced to live on the streets after a hurricane tore their family and home away from them. Only they're not, and they put their big Apple ass in the way of a concert that was attempting to help people who ACTUALLY DID have that exact thing happen to them. Fuck you, Apple, here's a concert goers video of Drake performing "Back To Back."

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