Posted Jul 1st, 2015 (8:00 am) by Arielle Gray
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The Chainsmokers' new single "Roses" is as sweet as the name implies, with captivating lyrics and beat.

The song has soared in popularity and it's no surprise that it was named number one most popular track on Twitter by Hype Machine last week.

New York DJs Alex Pall and Drew Taggart came together to form the EDM duo The Chainsmokers in 2012. The two have already garnered a surplus of notoriety in the DJ scene for their comical antics and steady, head bumping, fist pumping beats. With the debut of their production The Full Monte at the Firefly Music Festival and will be using the set for a slew of live shows in the U.S, Canada, and Europe.

This collaboration with Philadelphia songstress Rozes is a brainchild that is significantly more mature in content and feel than their previous tracks. This song deviates from the high BPM, fast paced tracks The Chainsmokers usually produce or remix. Some could argue that the sound is future-pop while others could say that The Chainsmokers are venturing into the world of Future Bass- either way, "Roses" is a winner, a song that is as pretty and multifaceted as its namesake.

The beat is rather simplistic at first but builds in intensity until the drop finally comes at 1:28. Heavy claps and kick drums add satisfying crunch to the song, overlaid by synths and the centerpiece of the whole thing - Rozes' vocals. The lyrics are deeply sentimental and Rozes' voice is a bouquet of prettiness that pushes the song forward. Taggart provides some background singing but Rozes' vocal prowess dominates the song and almost makes you totally forget about the duo behind its production.

This mature shift in songwriting could add significant color and depth to The Chainsmokers' already popular work. None the less, "Roses" earns its score. We can see it quickly becoming a summer time anthem, a herald of pop/EDM sweetness that transcends musical boundaries. Check out a preview of the single above or stream the full version through iTunes or Spotify.

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