Posted Jul 1st, 2015 (3:33 pm) by Arielle Gray
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In tune with his unique and off-kilter nature, Prince went against music industry standards and dropped "HARDROCKLOVER" without any previous promotions.

This track is sure to please fans. It features Prince's signature falsetto over a distorted and screeching guitar that adds a lot of sexiness to a song about the pursuit of a lover who "likes to party hard." Besides the lyrics, the beat and bass riff induce involuntary body gyrations and headbanging that make this song a perfect hit for the dance floor.

While "HARDROCKLOVER" deviates from the social justice oriented tracks Prince released earlier this year, it still speaks to the carnal roots of Prince's status as a sex symbol and sounds like it could be from his last studio album, Art Official Age .

Check out "HARDROCKLOVER" above or on Soundcloud, and see if you can keep yourself from moving with the beat.

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