Posted Jun 29th, 2015 (4:10 pm) by Arielle Gray
Nova and the Experience, Whole Body, new single
Nova and the Experience, Whole Body, new single
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Nova and the Experience do the intersection of pop and indie music justice with their debut single, "Whole Body," produced by industry favorite Jean-Paul Fung.

The Australian quartet has been traversing the music scene since 2010, but only recently have they gained the attention they deserve. Their last EP, "Where We Go," was a critical success- with "Whole Body" at a steady #9 on the ARIA pop charts, Nova and the Experience is an aural sensation ready to truly take off.

The band is going on an extensive "Whole Body" tour in Australia before returning to the U.S. in September, though U.S tour dates have yet to be released. There are no mentions yet about a new EP dropping- "Whole Body" will definitely satisfy until the band releases more new content.

Stream their single above and check out the rest of their songs on their SoundCloud- it's sure to be a whole body experience.

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