Posted Jul 10th, 2015 (9:28 am) by Arielle Gray
Hopsin, hip hop, Pound Syndrome, Fly, music video
Hopsin, hip hop, Pound Syndrome, Fly, music video

The new music video for "Fly," the second single off Hopsin's upcoming album, candidly explores our culture's reliance on materialism and consumerism.

Hopsin is well known for his lyrics addressing issues in our society as well as the music industry so it's no surprise that the video for "Fly" delves equally as deep into the ugly truths of our culture.

The video starts off with a sweet voiced young woman presenting the benefits of marketing for companies to her classmates. Hopsin steps up next, donning his infamously creepy white contacts, and drops knowledge on his peers. With no filter, the rapper goes in on the education system, the media, and corporate companies like McDonald's and Nike for their participation in the destruction of individualism. This criticism of our society is nothing new, either to Hopsin or the hip hop industry. While the materialism vs individualism debate is more complex than its black and white portrayal in "Fly," the video still is successful in sending a message that touches a wide range of people.

His classmates, representing a variety of vices from excessive gaming to excessive media consumption, seem uninterested at first. But at the beginning of the hook, this begins to change. The video then cycles through poignant images of his classmates' experiences with materialism and the damaging effects its had on them.

Hopsin's lyrics "Open your eyes, open your mind, and fly" hold a bit of hope. He acts as a Moses of sorts and leads his peers into a green paradise, devoid of material objects. Of course, they find bliss and happiness there before releasing doves at the end of the scene. The ending sequence is a little typical and cliche with the symbolism but that doesn't detract from the positive outlook Hopsin leaves us with. Overall, the music video is an effective, accurate visualization of Hopsin's message- that we can all unchain ourselves and find freedom.

If you like "Fly," make sure to buy Hopsin's new album Pound Syndrome when it drops July 24th.

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