Posted Jul 10th, 2015 (8:00 am) by Arielle Gray
FKA twigs, experimental, soundtrack 7, manchester
FKA twigs, experimental, soundtrack 7, manchester

The British songstress has announced on her Twitter that she and her band will be working on seven new performance pieces over the next seven days.

The pieces, collectively called Soundtrack 7, will be unveiled at Old Grenada Studios on July 17 and 18.

The wide range of style in FKA twigs' music, as well as in her music videos, makes it hard to predict what the final projects will look like. Twigs' undeniable originality combined with her gossamer soft vocals, minimalist production, and skills as a trained dancer will surely coalesce to form something as transcendental and entrancing as her previous work. Each piece will examine different narratives from her life.

If you're not lucky enough to witness the live display of Soundtrack 7 in Manchester, England, FKA twigs will be releasing her new work at a later date, though that date has not yet been announced. To satisfy our curiosity, she will be posting teaser images of the projects over the next week on her Tumblr.

Check out the trippy promo video for Soundtrack 7 below.

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