Posted Jul 15th, 2015 (10:00 am) by Arielle Gray
Allman Brown, Your Love, Hollows, indie, folk,
Allman Brown, Your Love, Hollows, indie, folk,
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The immensely talented singer/song-writer has recently released the official music video for "Hollows", his single that dropped in early June . The visuals match Brown's hauntingly sweet voice as he asks the question we all have had to ask ourselves - is it love or just lust?

The video is shot in black and white and is rather simplistic, with no overdone scene transitions or montages. The grey scale, the bare city landscape, and the limited interaction between the woman and Brown add to the figurative distance he's torn over in the song.

It's quite different from some of his other music videos that're mostly shot in full or enhanced color and include some sort traipse through nature. Despite the differences, "Hollows" manages to encapsulate the heartbreak so prominent on his most recent EP, Your Love.

Watch the video below and prepare to have your heartstrings majorly pulled.

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