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Ben Khan: Bleeding Edge
Ben Khan: Bleeding Edge
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What goes on in the head of Ben Khan? One can tell the elusive producer/songwriter has a mind scrambled with one genius thought after another. At the age of 16, Khan knew he wanted to be a musician and has strategically planned out his journey to this destiny ever since.

Khan draws his influences from his own personal listening repertoire, which consists of a variety of artists from the like of B.B. King, Nirvana, Earl Sweatshirt, Pusha T, and Danny Brown.

The 22-year-old British artist gathers his inspirations from his early travels to Kashmir, his father’s birthplace. It is apparent how this culturally ambiguous location translates to Khan’s music. His sound is a combination of heavy electronic layered with bursts of synths and soothing vocals, concluding a genre of deep R&B soul coated with heavy house beats and overlays.

Khan's most recent single, "1000," combines synth surges, angst-y percussion, blues-y guitar riffs, and sultry vocals that altogether portray the emotions involved in the beginning stages of a love relationship — a crush.

In 2013, Khan released “Drive (Part 1),” which made big waves online and reached all ears of music taste-makers, eventually putting Khan on Hype Machine’s 'Most Blogged Artist' list. His second release, “Eden,” was regarded as Best New Music by Pitchfork. In May 2014, Khan put out his first EP Youth, which naturally gathered praise from numerous publications.

Ben Khan will be releasing his next EP, 1000, on May 11 via Blessed Vice. Stream his newest single "1000" here.

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