Posted Feb 9th, 2015 (10:00 am) by Tyler Burt
IYS Premiere: Stream "#Unabomber" Off Stage Hands' Forthcoming LP
IYS Premiere: Stream "#Unabomber" Off Stage Hands' Forthcoming LP
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Meet Stage Hands, an innovative electronic duo who churn out delightfully-idiosyncratic ear candy built on a vast variety of densely absorbing sounds. Comprised of Brandon Locher and Gerald Mattis, the pair’s self-titled, debut EP will be released tomorrow through Johnstown, Pa. Music and My Idea of Fun.

The self titled project features six tracks that aim to paint an electronic collage of binary goodness. The juxtaposition of electronic and acoustic, as well a other pairings, provides a charming blend of textures. Listen to the entire Stage Hands LP below and watch out for it's official release Feb. 10. Release parties will be held in Brooklyn, NY at The Silent Barn and in Pittsburgh, PA at The Ballroom on Feb. 9&10 respectively.

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