Posted Aug 17th, 2015 (7:34 pm) by Michael Negron
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

T-swift sure knows how to cause twitter drama, and this time she's got ex-One Direction star Zayn Malik wrapped up in it.

Just when we thought we had put all the Taylor Swift-related twitter nastiness behind us, another feud has begun because of the mega pop star, though it's her boyfriend Calvin Harris who has been vocal this time.

Who actually started it is up for debate. The confrontation began either with Malik retweeting from the @FemaleTexts account comparing Swift unfavorably to Miley Cyrus originating here:

…or the response that came after:

Zayn, taking it as a direct attack on him, then tweeted:

But Calvin apparently meant it only at the original image:

Big ado about nothing? Possibly. More beef to come? If it's not from them, it's bound to come from somewhere.

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