Posted Aug 20th, 2015 (1:29 pm) by Michael Negron
Atlas Genius
Atlas Genius

Australian indie rock duo Atlas Genius have released another single ahead of their sophomore album, Inanimate Objects, and this one is accompanied with a trippy lyric video.

"A Perfect End" is a medium between some of the more traditional, poppy indie rock of singles "Molecules" and "Stockholm," but not quite the contemplative piece that made "Friends With Enemies" so great. Here, they employ a tone that is more resonant and hopeful; lines like "All eyes fixated on new dreams" make it not only a perfect end, but also a perfect stand-in for the overriding sentiment the band exudes. Add in an imaginative video filled with abstract, yet representative geometric imagery – perhaps a nod to the album's name – and you get an experience only Atlas Genius can deliver:

Watch for our upcoming coverage of Atlas Genius' Inanimate Objects and a full interview tomorrow at 2pm Est!

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