Posted Aug 19th, 2015 (3:07 pm) by Sean O'Leary
Royal Headache
Royal Headache

Royal Headache's frontman Shogun shows off his talents for shopping cart theft, water tower climbing, and hardcore parkour in a new music video.

Last week we praised Royal Headache's High as a victory of content over form, and now they've got the DIY-looking music video to prove it for "Carolina".

It's far from the sexiest music video anyone's every seen, but if it were, it would be jarring to watch. Instead, "Carolina" (directed by Damian Sawyers) follows Royal Headache's lead singer Shogun out of the basement where the band is playing, as he drinks, dances, and wall-runs his way through Sydney, the group's home city. It looks like the kind of video you'd get your friend to help you shoot, if your friend was an actually pretty talented up-and-comer and you were an actually pretty talented up-and-coming band. That is to say, it fits perfectly. Check out the video for "Carolina" below, and pick up High via Whats Your Rupture? Records.

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