Posted Aug 13th, 2015 (1:09 pm) by Sean O'Leary

Kendrick Lamar may have found his new calling.

N.W.A have been everywhere recently. Straight Outta Compton releases tomorrow, Dr. Dre's got a new album out, and earlier today the crew sat down with Kendrick Lamar for a phenomenal interview. It comes to us from Billboard, and features discussion on a variety of issues, including the toughest part of the hip hop business, the role police play in society, and when the group realized they had made it big.

The article is full of great moments - props to Kendrick for taking it in stride when both MC Ren and Dr. Dre respond that they're big fans of his, after he asked how they felt about his generation of artists (they're also big fans of Pusha T). He also throws it back to them with respect, acknowledging that "Anything that I do, at all, has come from what y’all done." There's a touching moment where the group remembers Eazy-E, who passed away due to AIDS in 1995, when Cube comments that he was a "visionary". The most inspiring point comes towards the end though, when Kendrick observes that the group seems to have the same bond as when they started out. They all agree that although they'd come from nothing and faced "some of the biggest power entities out there," they still "didn’t crack."

You can check out the full interview here, and catch Straight Outta Compton when it hits theatrers tomorrow.

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