Posted Dec 23rd, 2014 (12:00 pm) by Sean O'Leary
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Andre Allen Anjos, known around these parts as remix machine RAC, has released his collaboration with Pink Feathers on a remix of the '90s classic "Dreams" for free on Soundcloud.

The track is a celebration for RAC - he's cracked 4 million followers on social media. The original "Dreams," now 21 years old, is an alt-pop song by The Cranberries that just about everyone knows even if they don't realize it (particularly is they've seen The Karate Kid). RAC gives it the same understated spin that he applied to Echosmith's "Cool Kids" last month - he builds on the original without overwhelming it. Pink Feathers, for their part, serve to add some depth to the track, building on it more than RAC would be able to do on his own. You can stream and download "Dreams (RAC Remix Ft. Pink Feathers) above, and can see RAC live in Mexico this New Years Eve.

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