Posted Jul 6th, 2015 (2:45 pm) by Sean O'Leary
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Post-punk outfit No Devotion have released a new single, entitled "Addition", that premiered on BBC Radio 1 and is now available for streaming.

The track comes from their upcoming full length, Permanence, which is set to see release on September 25th via Collect Records. We've heard a smattering of singles so far - "Stay" and it's b-side "Eyeshadow" were released last year, with the latter even getting a live video, but it's been nine months since we've heard anything new. "Addition" goes harder than anything we've heard so far, showing off the group's post-hardcore and alternative rock pedigrees, though frontman Geoff Rickly's vocal's are somehow relaxing even as he goes through his acrobatics.

You can stream "Addition" above - Permanence will be released on September 25th, so watch this space for pre-order info.

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