Posted Sep 7th, 2015 (11:05 pm) by Sean O'Leary

Meek Mill has had a rough few weeks. He started (and lost) a war of words with Drake, his album was panned, and now at Fools Gold Day Off he's had some insult added to injury.

The trouble started early, with Meek taking the time to call out a fan for bringing a Drake sign to the show. "Put the Drake sign up again," he challenged. "Tryna' pick on me like I'm a fuckin' dweeb or somethin'." Meek, man... There is nothing that guy could possibly do that could make you look more like a dweeb than you whining about him picking on you, on stage, at your own show.

Jesus. And it only got worse from there - Meek eventually wound up having to cut the show short. Although information is scattered, what we know for sure is Meek had cut his set after some kind of incident involving crowdsurfing turning out to be a little rough for him, the poor thing. We're not sure specifically what went wrong, though according to one guy who was there, it looked like he fell, and then a fight broke out.

"But," you might say, "crowdsurfing is always pretty rough, isn't it? And there's certain risks that you kind of accept when relying on a crowd of strangers to hold you up?" And you'd be right, dear reader. We don't know how Meek went from slagging on Drake to cutting the night short - it could be anything from inappropriate touching (a serious problem that he'd be justified in being angry about) to a scuffed shoe (...a less serious problem). One thing we're pretty sure of, is that Meek Mill definitely cannot hang in the pit.

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