Posted Aug 5th, 2015 (1:55 pm) by Sean O'Leary
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This week, Brazilian producer FTampa dropped his new single, "031," a collaboration with The Fish House. We got a chance to talk to him briefly, touching on where he loves to play and the pressure of getting up to spin in front of the crowd.

"031" has gotten some serious support in the weeks prior to its release, appearing in sets from R3hab, Hardwell, and Martin Garrix. It's being released on Doorn Records (Sander van Doorn's label), a label known for their house music, where it fits in perfectly. FTampa goes for the big room sound, which can get derivative quickly, but he makes effective use of his Brazilian influences as well, which keeps the track from getting monotonous. Instead of diving back into a generic build up, the track shifts gears, using a well-constructed piano and synth section for the break. The fact that FTampa's sets have gone over well at festivals like Tomorrowland, arguably the breeding grounds for the big room genre, comes as no surprise. "031" is just different enough to stand out from the crowd of generic tunes, while still maintaining the structure and simple drops that people go out for. As part of the track's release, we talked briefly with FTampa himself about writing the track and how he feels about playing live.

What was collaborating with The Fish House on 031 like? How did the composing process work?

FT: It was something I always wanted to do. Rafa is one of my best friends, I know him for a long long time and there is nothing better than making music with your friends. I was touring in Brazil and he sent me the first idea, we were doing studio sessions exchanging ideas back and forth and working simultaneously as well. We are very happy with it and it was already played by a lot of big DJs like Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Tiesto and many more!!

As a Brazilian artist performing in the States, do you feel any pressure to represent your home music scene with your work here?

FT: The pressure is always the same, very high! haha! I take every single gig very seriously and respectfully, it doesn't matter the size of the crowd, the country or whatever... I always focus on giving my best. I'm glad in representing my country and bring more brazilian producers with me.

What's been your favorite city that you've played in?

FT: I just had a great time in India and I am in love with this country! I want to give then back what they gave to me! But there are so many good experiences, it wouldn't be fair to rank it, everything is unique. Tomorrowland Belgium and Brazil were also one of my latests and it was magical. I could give you a huge list haha!!

You can stream "031" above, check out the official video below, or grap it on Beatport.

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