Posted Feb 24th, 2015 (10:05 pm) by Sean O'Leary
Dulce Pajara De Juventud - Manatial
Dulce Pajara De Juventud - Manatial
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IYS is pleased to bring you the premiere of Dulce Pajara De Juventud's new video for "Manatial", the first single off their upcoming album Triumph.

The Spanish quartet had critical success with their debut self titled and it's blend of alternative rock stylings, pop accessibility, and slick production in 2012, but have been largely quiet since. "Manatial" premiered a couple months ago over at GoldFlakePaint, and now the band has followed it up with a video. Featuring performances by Ann Perello and Huego Alejo, direction by Yago Partal and production by Aina Salarich, the video's depiction of two characters chasing each other through a color-shifting landscape perfectly mirrors the song's romantic, yearning lyrics.

Dulce Pajara De Juventud (Sweet Hights Of Youth, for the non-Castellano speaking among us) have been "friends since kindergarden", according to their Bandcamp page, although Triumph is the group's first outing with new member Victor Garcia behind the drum kit. They focus heavily on expressing emotion through their music, citing groups like Deerhunter and Arcade Fire as influences on their sound and describing themselves as "dark, noisey pop." The writing process for Triumph reflects both those influences and their own approach, honed in years of touring on their first record and the maturity that they feel those years have brought them.

Triumph will be released on March 16th, 2015. To tide you over, check out the video for Dulce Pajara De Juventud's new single, "Manatial," below, and stream it above.

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