Posted Aug 3rd, 2015 (11:33 am) by Sean O'Leary
Charged Up
Charged Up

It just doesn't end. From Twitter to the studio, and now from SoundCloud to the kickball court, the Drake-Meek Feud of 2015 rages on, and now experts are weighing in.

Drake's most recent jab comes from a Friday kickball game with NBA players LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Tristan Thompson (sidebar: what!?) where an observer with a cellphone asked "Whats up with the kickball gang, you ready to take this loss?". Drake grinned and quipped "I haven't taken a loss all week," and turned to reveal a shirt with the fully charged battery logo from "Charged Up"'s art, prompting cackles of laughter from the observer. Cold, man.

Drake Does His FIRST INTERVIEW Since He BODIES MEEK. . . Someone PUT A BATTERY IN HIS BACK . . . And He's STILL Shading Meek Mill!!

Posted by DeLorean on Sunday, August 2, 2015

As the dust settles on the diss tracks, both good and not so much, it's becoming clear that this is going to be a bit more of a pitched battle than anyone expected. Ice Cube, the master of the wax diss (See "No Vaseline"), was asked for comment recently by The Daily Beast. He responded "Drake is winning right now," although adding what the Beast calls "A charitable stay of execution" by remarking "But, you know... Meek could come back.” He went on to comment, though, that the feud is more funny than anything, and called it the essence of hip-hop - "Who can rap the best? I don’t think anybody’s going to get jumped or get their asses whooped, but it’s fun to sit back and watch."

Meanwhile, Dan Pfeiffer, former senior adviser to President Obama took to Twitter to offer his own thoughts.

He has an interesting point. The timing is awfully convenient. Dreams Worth More Than Money, Meek's latest album, dropped a week before the feud kicked off. CNN points out that it's gotten Mill trending on both Facebook and Twitter, and "All Eyes On You", the music video single, has almost 9 million views on YouTube.

Real beef or shrewd marketing, it's hard to tell, but at least we've gotten some new tracks out of it. Stream "Charged Up," "Back To Back Freestyle", and "Wanna Know" above. We'll keep you updated as the battle continues.

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