Posted Jul 24th, 2015 (1:14 pm) by Sean O'Leary
Dirty South
Dirty South
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Australian based DJ Dragan Roganović, better known as Dirty South, dropped a 4 hour, 44 minute set (damn, dude) on the 4th of July at the Avalon, and has uploaded the entire thing to SoundCloud for free download.

The set is party music through and through - if you don't feel like having a hundred people mess with the aux cord at your event this weekend, this is the mix for you. Breaking out of the mold of traditional 90 minute EDM sets, "Live From Avalon" features both house staples and some unreleased material - around 3:46:00 you can hear Roganović work in his new single "Find A Way", which drops August 28th via Phazing, his record label (Dirty South is apparently a busy guy). No track list for the mix has been released yet, but we'll keep you updated. You can stream or download "Live From Avalon", and its almost 5 hours of bumping house glory, above.

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