Posted Aug 15th, 2015 (10:33 am) by Sean O'Leary

Deerhunter's website has some new features - a countdown, and singer Bradford Cox realizing his dream of joining the Animorphs.

The indie rock outfit's website doesn't offer much other than a chance to join a mailing list and a countdown in the lower right corner, which will hit "00:00:00" on Sunday night at 11pm EST. Clicking the "4AD" button below it brings you to "Faulkner," a full screen gif of Cox smiling while his face is overtaken by a projection of a dog. It is, needless to say, creepy as hell.

Stereogum has taken a stab at deciphering it all - their conclusion is that the countdown is related to a new album, which they suspect will be titled Fading Frontier. An online retailer has put up a pre-order page with that name on it, though it doesn't go live til October. "Faulkner" is apparently the name of Cox's dog. Makes sense.

Watch this space for updates on what the countdown is for, and check out Cox's recently uploaded Spotify playlist for a chance to see what he may have been influenced by.

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