Posted Jul 27th, 2015 (8:39 pm) by Sean O'Leary
Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne

Just over a week and a half after allegedly conspiring to kill Lil Wayne, Cash Money boss Birdman has challenged the evidence implicating him.

For those just tuning into the drama, on April 26th, PeeWee Roscoe (real name - Jimmy Winfrey), the tour manager for Young Thug, turned himself into the police after shooting at two of Lil Wayne's tour buses. The official indictment claims that immediately after the attack he called a phone registered to Birdman and then stayed on the line while following the buses to a hotel in Atlanta. This is especially suspicious because Wayne and Birdman are currently locked in a $51 million dollar breach of contract lawsuit.

According to TMZ, though, sources from Birdman's end of things challenge that evidence. Though he did receive a phone call, the source says that it was from someone in Wayne's camp, who was "understandably pissed, and anxious to tell Birdman what went down shortly before the shooting -- that Jimmy Winfrey had been kicked out of a club for harassing Wayne". The phones in question were registered to Birdman because they were Cash Money company phones, all registered in his name.

Gawker points out that because the official indictment doesn't say whether police were using Winfrey's phone records or Birdman's, it's hard to say whether that's true, but we'll keep you updated.

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