Posted Jul 15th, 2015 (8:00 am) by Sean O'Leary
No Devotion
No Devotion

Despite what a music lover might say, there are some experiences so tragic that swearing off making music might be a reasonable response. In late 2013, several of No Devotion's members faced just that.

In late 2012 Ian Wakins, frontman of Welsh nu-metal group Lostprophets, was arrested and charged with 13 sexual offenses against children, the details of which are truly despicable. A year later he was found guilty and the band was forced to accept that what they had hoped would turn out to be some kind of mistake was now "impossible to deny."

“We didn’t know if we would ever make music again,” remembers Stuart Richardson in their press release, "if people would look us in the face. Everything felt like it was over.”

But in 2014, it was rumored that the remaining members of the group, under a different name, would be releasing new music on Geoff Rickly's Collect Records - a month after that, No Devotion released its first single with Rickly handling vocal duties.

The group's sound definitely shows off its members rock and punk histories, and first single "Stay" brings the angst that was so critical to both Thursday and Lostprophets' sounds. Musically the track displays both maturity and restraint, with synth and bass taking the front seat and guitars filling out the space. "Addition", released last week, also deserves a note - the guitar hook will undoubtedly launch mosh pits, but the track's overdriven sound is somehow more soothing than jarring or aggressive. Second single "10,000 Summers" is a mid tempo ballad, spiced up with a syncopated drum part and a piano that is somehow more earnest because it's just this side of cliche.

The tragedy of the end of Lostprophets should not be made light of or forgotten, but dwelling too heavily on No Devotion's origins does their music a serious disservice. It's tempting to just describe them as "the guys from Lostprophets and Geoff Rickly," but their sound is far removed from either Lostprophets or Thursday. The group is an entirely different animal, and their music is just as compelling as their origin story. Permanence, the group's debut album, drops September 25th via Collect Records on vinyl and CD, though pre-orders aren't yet available. To get a sense of what to expect, check out "Stay", "Addition", and "10,000 Summers" above.

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