Posted Aug 11th, 2015 (11:09 am) by Sean O'Leary

ASAP Rocky's track "Jukebox Joints" (from AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP) has a chill, maybe-just-one-tab-of-acid sound, and his new video matches the vibe perfectly.

Debuting on MTV Base, the video features three major set pieces - a diner, a subway, and a house party. It's shot in a slow-moving style that matches the laid back, soulful beat of the track, and the colorful camera effects in the last minute are a particular highlight. Bursts of red and blue cover the slow dancing actors, and Rocky gives the last repeat of the track's laid back, 90's hip-hop sounding chorus.

The bad news is that the video version is about a minute shorter than the album version of the track - and they made up the difference by cutting Kanye's verse. He still gets the featured nod for his production credit, but his verse on the original album was great; ending the track on the trumpet blasts under him closed it out in a very different way than the video's fade to noise. Either way, check out "Jukebox Joints" below.

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