Posted Dec 31st, 2014 (2:00 pm) by Addie Provost
Winter Winds Vol. 2

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Shelf Nunny, the Santa Cruz based electronic producer, has been leaving us wanting more since the beginning of 2014 when he released the spacey, dreamy track, "Dancing In My Chair." Finally, a new tune has surfaced and not only is it the perfect track for a lazy afternoon...it's also part of the awesome free Winter Winds Vol. 2 playlist from the electronic music blog, SVNSET WAVES.

"Still Here Still There," has the same chilled out, otherworldly vibe found in "Dancing In My Chair" that is so indicative of Shelf Nunny's laid back style. The eclectic layering of chiming bells over stuttering synths and a slow-jamming beat that seems to be made up of jingling keys and crumpling paper creates a unique ambience that only Shelf Nunny can pull off successfully. The track does not feature any vocals, and yet feels like it is missing nothing...except for maybe a comfortable chair to lounge on while you enjoy the mind trip this track takes you on. I guess you'll have to provide that for yourself.

We've yet to hear any news of an upcoming album or EP from Shelf Nunny, but if he could continue to steadily release free tracks like "Still Here Still There" that would be fine by us. You can get the track, along with 34 other free singles, here.

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