Posted Apr 3rd, 2015 (6:06 pm) by Addie Provost
Pink Slip: #ThreeWeeksofBeats
Pink Slip: #ThreeWeeksofBeats

Are you sick and tired of artists who make great music but leave you wanting more just a little too much? Months, sometimes years, can pass before a new single or album is released. Fortunately, we've got the perfect solution to this common problem. Ditch your "slow and steady wins the race" artists and start listening to Pink Slip, who has plenty of great new music on the way for you.

Okay, don't really start clearing out your iTunes library. Pink Slip is only human and we can't promise that his supply of danceable beats will be unending, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't check this guy out. The young, Nashville-based producer has already started to make a name for himself through high quality electronic tracks of varying styles, all from the comfort of his dorm room at Belmont University. The explosive and magical climax in "Dark in the Light" featuring Chloe Gilligan will make you want to throw on some neon and dance your little heart out, while the chill, future forward sounds of "Time" featuring Keegan Neverett are perfect for driving casually through the center of your town with windows down and sub-woofers up.

Most exciting, however, is a new project that Pink Slip has committed himself to, entitled #ThreeWeeksofBeats, in which he will be releasing a new single everyday for three weeks. The project started on April 1. On Day 1, we saw a new side of Pink Slip that is full of soulful samples in the appropriately titled "Soulful Start," while Day 2 provided a refreshingly laid back tune called "Jackson's Song."

#ThreeWeeksofBeats is off to a strong start, but can Pink Slip really keep these impressive tunes coming? We think so, but the only way to find out for sure is to tune in for each day's new release.

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