Posted Feb 23rd, 2015 (10:00 am) by Addie Provost
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The 18 year old producer from Scotland already wowed us with his single "Temple," but the jaw dropping won't end there. His debut EP, Short Stories, is an impressive collection of tracks that each tell a different tale through thoughtful, boundary breaking arrangements.

Soulection, an LA based label/collective, quickly snatched up the talented Sam Gellaitry and it's through this label that Short Stories was released. The pairing of Gellaitry with a label that aims to "inspire and foster an environment that values creativity, hard work and vision" seems like the perfect way to launch the young artist into the electronic/experimental scene. Soulection is home to many talented artists from around the world (Mr. Carmack, Sango, and Ta-Ku to name a few), but it is clear that Gellaitry is currently their bright and shining star, and when you listen through Short Stories it's easy to see why.

Starting with the genre-defying single, "Temple," the EP works its way through many unexpected twists and turns. With dreamy melodies layered upon flawless drum work, it's plain to see Hudson Mohawke's influence on Gellaitry's progressive style. Each track stands out as a unique blend of genres ranging from uptempo house, UK garage, hip hop and soul. "Reflectionz" and "To Earth and Back" are particularly worth listening to, but there truly isn't a lack of ingenuity at any point throughout the EP. The seamless marriage of hard hitting bass and delicate melodies is what sets Gellaitry apart from the crowd and makes this barely legal producer a leader in experimental electronics.

So, if you haven't heard of Sammy G yet (not sure if he wants us to call him Sammy G or not...), now is your chance. Stream "Reflectionz" above, or purchase Short Stories here.

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