Posted Mar 11th, 2015 (11:13 am) by Addie Provost
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The Wombats are at it again with another lighthearted, yet thought-provoking music video for their latest single "Give Me A Try," and you can be one of the first to view it.

Like their previous music video for "Greek Tragedy," "Give Me A Try" examines the human condition from a unique perspective while The Wombats' feel-good tune provides a soundtrack that let's the viewer know not to take anything too seriously. A slew of caricatures swipe through a dating app hoping to find a match but ending up with so much more. "Give Me A Try" chronicles our culture's obsession with inflated forms of self-representation and a desperation to be loved and accepted by others.

"Give Me A Try" will be on The Wombats' upcoming album, Glitterbug, out April 13.

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