Posted Jan 23rd, 2015 (3:00 pm) by Addie Provost
Excision and Pegboard Nerds: Bring the Madness
Excision and Pegboard Nerds: Bring the Madness
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An ocean separates Canadian bass music mastermind, Excision, from the talented Scandinavian duo, Pegboard Nerds, but that didn't stop them from teaming up to make a filthy new tune. After all, anything is possible with the magic of the internet.

Excision may be half robot, half dinosaur, half man, but that doesn't get in the way of being a champion of the bass and drum genre. When rumors first started circulating about the imminent EDM collaboration with Alex Odden and Michael Parsberg of Pegboard Nerds, fans began to whisper: "But how?" and, "When?" and of course, "Will the drop make me lose my mind?" Due to the success of Pegboard Nerds' recent track, "Who the F*ck is Paul McCartney," and the exciting release of Excision's 2014 Shambhala mix in September, expectations were a mile high. On January 19, the new single, appropriately titled "Bring the Madness," was released through Monstercat Records and the answer to such questions could finally be answered.

"Bring the Madness" is the first collaboration between Excision and Pegboard Nerds and was actually created remotely by being sent back and forth across the ocean between the producers. Although the process was a little unconventional, the blend of the Nerds' heart-pounding and melody driven sound with the expected, brutal punch of Excision's drum-bass mastery is seamless. In addition, rap verses by the up and coming Mayor Apeshit act like a cherry atop this dirty, dance-floor wobbling, ice cream sundae.

But will the drop make you lose your mind? There's only one way to find out. Stream "Bring the Madness" above. The track is also available to purchase via iTunes and Beatport. Last, but not least, stay tuned for Excision's new album due February 3.

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