Posted Feb 4th, 2015 (12:00 pm) by Addie Provost
Lady Lamb the Beekeeper: Spat Out Spit
Lady Lamb the Beekeeper: Spat Out Spit
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Lady Lamb the Beekeeper of Portland, Maine is a quirky young artist with a unique aesthetic, and her music videos reflect that perfectly. Her latest release, a colorful lyric video for the single "Spat Out Spit," makes learning the lyrics to the existential, thought-provoking song enjoyable and deeply moving.

Lady Lamb, informally known as Aly Spaltro, didn't set out to simply slap some colorful images together when she created the above video. Like the song itself, the accompanying video was meant to encourage the listener to “notice how uniquely strange you are, and how unwaveringly, incredibly, mesmerizingly brilliant it is that you exist at all.” In order to mirror the awe-provoking wonder that is our own existence, Spaltro created in a way that she never had before.

"Spat Out Spit" was written from the drums up, a first for Spaltro. The hungry percussion supports ancient questions about the state of human existence and familiar philosophical musings such as "I could be cracked open/ Like a cartoon watermelon/ Then you would see the solar system/ Suspended in me." Like echoes from ancient sages and messiahs, Spaltro suggests the interconnectedness of all life is sacred and the way in which she weaves these lyrics amid high school art projects from decades past invokes a special, child-like wonder.

The vintage footage featured in the video was collected from an animated art class circa 1959-1977 as well as a 1971 documentary called "Let's Make A Film." While obtaining rights to use the footage, Spaltro supported the theme of interconnectedness in her song by linking up with the two children featured in "Let's Make A Film," who are now grown and leading creative careers of their own.

Now it seems that the next step in Lady Lamb's existential journey is to bring it to the masses. "Spat Out Spit" will be featured on her upcoming album, After, which is due March 3, alongside the garage rock jam "Billions of Eyes" (which you can stream above). Lady Lamb has also announced a North American tour starting as soon as the new album is released.

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