Posted Jul 23rd, 2015 (3:05 am) by Addie Provost
Katy Perry Wants In on the Swift/Minaj Drama
Katy Perry Wants In on the Swift/Minaj Drama

Yesterday, Nicki Minaj called out the VMAs, and music industry in general, for it's blatant favoritism towards skinny white women. First, Taylor Swift threw herself into the fray and played the victim. Less than 24 hours later, Katy Perry has decided she wants a slice of the drama pie too.

If we can look past the fact that Perry said "unmeasurably" when she most likely meant "immeasurably" we can see that the pop star makes a valid point. Swift silenced Minaj's concerns about misrepresentation of curvy black bodies in the music industry when she incorrectly identified herself as the target of Minaj's recent Twitter rants and accused her of trying to "pit women against each other."

The hypocrisy was apparently all to real for Perry whose 2014 feud with Swift was turned into the pop hit, "Bad Blood," and subsequently received a VMA nomination for Video of the Year.

Perry went on to lament another VMA snub: the lack of a nomination for Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" video (warning: video is NSFW).

It only makes sense that if Perry can't land a nomination herself she might as well try and capitalize on the fallout. That being said, she may be inadvertently providing Swift with material for her next hit single while Minaj's original complaint remains nothing but background noise.

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