Posted Jun 4th, 2015 (11:00 am) by Addie Provost

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We don't like to use the word "masterpiece" lightly here at Inyourspeakers, but upon first listen it became abundantly clear that Highasakite's latest release, "Keep That Letter Safe," exemplified musical mastery in many ways. The fact that the song instantly soared to #1 on iTunes' Norway charts (Highasakite's home country) shows us that many others feel the same way.

Here in the states, Highasakite has received some nods of approval, including being considered one of the "best Norwegian bands discovered at Øya," (a Norwegian music festival) by Pitchfork back in 2012. Their most recent full length album, Silent Treatment (2014) also received a five star rating and rave reviews from US listeners on iTunes. All signs point towards the same thing: Highasakite is a band to keep an eye on, and that only becomes more apparent as you sink into the five piece indie-pop band's newest single.

"Keep That Letter Safe" is moving and haunting, driven by a steadily evolving arrangement of piano, fluttering vocals and drum line-esque snare rolls. Frontwoman Ingrid Helene Håvik's strange lyrics and hypnotic melodies provide fresh perspectives and imagery that effectively encourages emotional wounds to split open, demanding to be felt again. But "Keep That Letter Safe" isn't about wallowing or feeling like a victim to circumstance. There is a strong sense of taking ownership over the validity of our feelings, needs and desires within the sweeping synth strings and the song leaves you feeling secure in your own self-awareness by the end.

The single does a magnificent job of building up climactic and empowering moments, only to suddenly pull back into instances of vulnerability and softness as it does at 2:20 when the title of the song is finally sung. By singing the words "keep that letter safe" only once, Håvik does a brilliant job of shining a spotlight onto the desire that undoubtedly inspired the entire piece, and this was no accident. Håvik is a masterful songwriter who understands her craft fully and to see lyrical devices like this being used so effectively is enough to make any songwriter ooh and aah in admiration.

We hope that this new single, Highasakite's first release in over a year, is a sign of more to come but a new album has yet to be announced. In the meantime, stream "Keep That Letter Safe" above or listen to Silent Treatment via Spotify.

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