Posted Jul 30th, 2014 (9:00 am) by Thomas Beaton

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Brooklyn based group Rivergazer puts the "jam" back into jam band with their latest track, "Safari Jack." The end result: a kick-ass track.

The musical components of "Safari Jack" are the same as any jam band; mellow, structured guitar strumming, snare drums thumpings, a little symbol work, and low key vocals. The way in which Rivergazer uses these components, however, are what make this track so great. The quick paced keyboard work that introduces the track hooks listeners incredibly well. Transition to the aforementioned instruments, and what you have is a calm, addictive jam track.

There is one piece of "Safari Jack" that is the best of the track; the lyrical work. The appropriately named "Safari Jack," is a device used within the lyrics to produce crisp, creative vocals. For example: "I'm so-far-i, you're so-far-out, I'm so-far-i, so-far-i, so-far,i, so-far-out. Everyone's in black, and I'm Safari Jack." That is just one of many ways in which Rivergazer crafts a musical narrative with artful diction.

"Safari Jack" is trippy, easy on the ears, and is expertly produced. Get this on August 12th, and on to your iPods ASAP.

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