Posted Aug 8th, 2014 (7:00 am) by Thomas Beaton
Adult Jazz
Adult Jazz
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When you listen to a sound you pose a question to yourself: "Haven't I heard this before?" It's a common self-assessment for anyone who likes music, and is a nurtured reflex for those especially critical about music. An original, purely alien sound can send an aspiring artist into everyone's playlists and hearts. Adult Jazz plans to do that with music so indescribable, that no matter hard hard you try, concrete adjectives cannot properly give it justice. Also, it happens to be really damn good.

A quartet consisting of Tim Slater, Steven Wells, Tom Howe, and frontman Harry Burgess, Adult Jazz produces music across the pond in the U.K. Their record label, Spare Thought, has helped them get onto the scene; currently touring around England. While social media numbers are a little below 6,000 followers between Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud, Adult Jazz is making a splash with various music publications and even NPR. Popularity hasn't stopped their as the band has over 39,000 views on YouTube, a result of dedicated video production.

Now why is an indie(ish) band making splashes throughout the internet and intensive musical communities? Well, it has a lot to do with that great, unique, indescribable, "can't quite put a finger on it" style of sound.

You hear a fusion of high notes, soulful melodies, soft patterings of lyrics, vocal sharpness, and chorus in a single song. The best example of this is the track "Springful," you get deep vocals and (yes, I'm serious) maraca shaking. Now it transitions to a guitar and Burgess singing calm vocals, with those maracas ever so slightly shaking in the backdrop. Twenty seconds later, you hear some ambient noises, the vocals get a little more excited, and the strumming of what sounds like a... sitar?

This all happens in one track, where you never know what you'll hear next, or how the song will change. While this would be a chaotic process for most musicians, Adult Jazz is able to give the listener all these different sounds without overloading the track, or making it seem comical.

The team of Burgess, Howe, Wells, and Slater are getting the recognition they deserve. The reasoning: getting any success in the music industry is extremely difficult and daunting to the point where it takes more than just musical talent; Adult Jazz not only has made their mark on the musical community, but they did with an that alien, indescribable, weird, unorthodox, and ultimately wonderful sound.

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