Posted Jun 26th, 2014 (4:00 pm) by Alison Datko
'My Family' is the first single from The Interrupters' self-titled debut album.

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We were giddy to learn that Tim Armstrong lent his pipes to The Interrupters' new single "My Family" — and were even happier after hearing the satisfying result. Though there's nothing particularly innovative about the track, "My Family" is good ol' ska done really, really well.

As introduced previously on Inyourspeakers, The Interrupters are a four-piece composed of vocalist Aimee Interrupter (Aimee Allen), and brothers Kevin, Justin, and Jesse Bivona.

The Interrupters demonstrate their understanding of and devotion to the genre by leaning heavily — and happily — on tradition. "My Family" includes all the ska essentials: in-the-pocket rhythm guitar, spots of gnarly lead solos, jumpy organ, unifying yet defiant lyrics, and punchy punk vocals. It has foundations in a number of First Wave progressions, with a refreshing Third Wave vibe.

Tim Armstrong's presence, too, is a glimmering badge that delivers more than approval. In a genre rooted in dust-yourself-off camaraderie, fans will undoubtedly appreciate the significance of punk legend Armstrong hoisting a group of SoCal up-and-comers into the spotlight. And if all that weren't enough, the track title drives the point home.

It would seem fair enough to dock points for a lack of originality, but in The Interrupters' case, that perspective is beside the point. "My Family" lets reminiscing boot-stompers do what they do best, and — more importantly — reminds us yet again that punk's not dead. If you like Rancid, Tim Armstrong's solo stuff, or Mustard Plug, you'll definitely want to check these guys out.

We're giving "My Family" a 7/10, leaving room for The Interrupters' debut album (out August 5) to continue to impress — which we fully anticipate.

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